Outfits of 2013

I can't believe I only posted six outfit posts throughout 2013! I will have to step it up this year. I'm not surprised that half of them involved some form of stripes, I can't stop wearing them. I am also not surprised that most of these are wintery outfits, I much prefer dressing for Autumn/Winter than I do for Spring/Summer.


  1. I prefer dressing for Autumn and Winter too, I love being cosy. Stripes feature a lot on your outfit posts, they're one of my favourite patterns to wear as well :). xo

    Like Sarah'

  2. I love the first outfit post, I can't wait to get my mint jumper out again in spring.


  3. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons now. I was always a summer gal, growing up in Fiji and all. But I have come to appreciate Autumn. As for stripes - you look lovely in them, they are such a quick and easy go to. Happy new year Laura, I hope 2014 is a great year for you and Breton & Blush :)

  4. You can't beat a few stripes. Love the mint jumper :)


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